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Facial Cosmetics

A beautiful smile doesn’t end with beautiful teeth. It is equally important to achieve full facial balance, as well as creating a stunning row of teeth.

At Akoya dental we are trained not only in cosmetic dentistry but in full facial aesthetics and facial cosmetics as well. It is vital to have a professional with a keen and well trained eye for what may look good and natural, and therefore able to advise clients on their options in regards to facial cosmetics and smile aesthetics.

Dr Maria Avis is an instructor for the Australian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics (AADFA). Her particular interests include lip augmentation and enhancement with Dermal Fillers, wrinkle correction with muscle relaxants and fillers, facial volume correction, and skin care.

We have a dedicated beauty room where after you have your dental treatment, you can get a state of the art ultra relaxing facial, utilising the latest technology in gentle and natural skin care. In addition, we offer 100% scientifically proven skin care line: ours are prescription products, free from parabens and perfumes, and we stand by every single ingredient that goes into them. (the products come with money back guarantee)

Dr. Maria Avis is a trainer for AADFA

We also offer a variety of packages such as wedding or birthday packages. They include professional teeth cleaning followed by SmartBleach 3LT Teeth Whitening, Dermal Fillers together with other non surgical cosmetic treatments and high tech facials.

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