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Facial Rejuvenation Treatments – The Sad Truth

The Sad Truth about Facial Rejuvenation Treatments - Dr. Maria Avis

I am a dentist practicing a variety of popular facial rejuvenation procedures, like anti wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and a keen interest in skin science. As a result I have quite a unique insight in both industries and how they interplay. The cosmetic industry these days is booming. It’s recession proof: women will spend their last dollar on cosmetic procedures forgoing any other discretionary item….

Often I see girls on very low incomes pay exorbitant amounts of money for all sorts of injectables… Quite often it may be the same girl who rejected a dental treatment a few days earlier in favour of extraction stating financial concerns…

I also see women as well as men with severely worn, deteriorating dentitions, missing teeth, yellow unsightly teeth and gum disease (which inevitably leads to bad breath) requesting rejuvenating treatments…

It is so common… It’s endemic…

I often find it very hard to educate patients in this regard. Somehow, and I cannot begin to understand how it can possibly be, some people don’t see their teeth as part of their overall facial appearance!

I have faced this dilemma for a while now. How do I change my patients’ perceptions?

And now I started offering a new service to my patients, particularly the ones requesting injectables, demonstrating to them the power of smile rejuvenation. I found this tool extraordinarily effective in communicating this important information. Talking about it and showing photos of other people won’t change one’s perceptions so easily….

But with this new service I can show my patients in the mirror, within a few minutes, what they would look like if they changed the appearance of their smile.

It is almost invariably mind blowing for people. We often tend to get hung up on some wrinkle or a fold in the skin or a little dimple in the chin and think that “once I fix that I will look so much better”…

And most practitioners will be only too happy to fulfil those little facial rejuvenation requests at a nice price… Over and over again… When the best rejuvenating treatment is not even being offered, not even thought about, or if ever suggested often seems unreachable and too incomprehensible.

It may often seem too expensive… But compared to facial rejuvenation procedures dentistry is cheap! So really it is never about money. It is in perceptions. And often perceptions are wrong and patients end up pouring their hard earned money into something that may not give them the biggest bang for their buck.

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