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SmartBleach 3LT Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening with Dr. Maria Avis at Bondi Junction
  • Natural and longer lasting results.
  • Minimal chair time.
  • No dehydration of teeth.
  • Minimal sensitivity during and after procedure.
  • Free assessment and consultation.

We invite you for a 15 min complimentary consultation at our Bondi Junction Dental Clinic.
Dr Maria Avis will discuss a number of teeth whitening options and suggest the best one for you, based on the condition of your teeth and your goals.
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Having healthy, white teeth are a vital step in achieving your best possible smile. However, years of enjoying wine and coffee can leave our teeth with stains that even regular cleanings and brushing cannot undo. The secret to getting a brilliantly white smile is professional teeth whitening— because perfect teeth don’t happen by accident, they happen by appointment.

In chair teeth whitening by a dentist is the most popular and cost-effective way to rejuvenate your smile. However, not all teeth whitening is created equal. Dr Avis uses the new SmartBleach 3LT, which is by far the most advanced bleaching system on the market.

The state-of-the-art SmartBleach 3LT teeth whitening system will give you the radiant smile you’ve always dreamed of in a single, 45 minute appointment!

To learn more about SmartBleach 3LT Teeth Whitening please Download a Brochure and Watch a Short Video Demonstration or visit Akoya Dental Boutique at Bondi Junction.

Teeth Whitening Myths

Myth #1 – Whitening will damage my teeth enamel

Absolutely not! Teeth whitening in the form that it is used today (think peroxide in custom trays and/or professionally applied) officially started in mid 80s. Peroxide has been used for a very long time to treat gum disease due to it’s antimicrobial properties. When dentists started to look for ways to make peroxide stay on gums longer the amazing side effect of the treatment became apparent: patients started noticing their whiter brighter teeth! In all this time NO damage to tooth structure was ever reported! So teeth-whitening is a very safe procedure (provided it is performed by someone who knows what they are doing.)

Myth #2 – Cheap over the counter methods and “smile bars” where the treatment is performed by beauty therapist will achieve the same result as treatments recommended and performed by dentists

Not at all! To achieve a good result, first and foremost your dentist needs to diagnose the type of discolouration. Not all stains are the same and various methods may be chosen. Secondly, quite high peroxide concentrations are required to lift the shade. These concentrations are not accessible to anyone other than dentists due to FDA restrictions. The reason for that is: if not applied in a professional setting peroxide in high concentrations can cause serious injury to gums, tongue, throat and face and you may end up with unexpected complications.

Myth #3 – All professional systems are much the same and it’s a matter of shopping for the best deal

Sounds good, unfortunately – not so. The most economical way of whitening teeth is home take kit with custom made trays. Unfortunately it does take a lot of time and effort on your part: sometimes up to 6 weeks of daily application. The cost differential in this system comes from:

  1. Whether the trays are actually custom made (some systems are now available that come with preformed trays) if the tray doesn’t fit your teeth precisely you will swallow most of the bleach very quickly.
  2. The cost of the bleaching gel itself. Premium high concentration gels are expensive, but worth the money since they will allow you to achieve a greater result, faster and with minimal tooth sensitivity. Prices in Sydney start at around $300 for cheaper brands.

The in chair systems achieve excellent results in under one hour. They are also quite different in that they use light to “activate” the gel. Unfortunately, science tells us that in systems such as Zoom or LaserBright the light component does nothing other than heat the bleach. This tends to increase and prolong sensitivity post treatment and dehydrate the teeth. Depending on the type of stain the result may be quite short of dramatic. These systems range in costs between $600 and $1100 depending on the practice and whether a take home is provided with it.

SmartBleach 3LT has a different light. This is more of a premium product with anti sensitivity technology that does not heat or dehydrate tooth enamel providing longer lasting and more natural results with virtually no sensitivity. Of course high quality comes at a price. Dentists in Sydney charge a minimum of $800.

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