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Dental Implants

Dental Implants by Dr. Maria Avis

People lose teeth for lots of reasons. An accident, a sports injury, a lack of quality dental care, or just ageing – any of these reasons, and many more, can leave you feeling less than your best.

Losing a tooth can cause problems for your remaining teeth that lack support and can shift over time. Because your teeth are no longer properly aligned, you make a small problem a BIG (and much more expensive) problem by ignoring it.

Why Choose Dr. Maria Avis for Your Dental Implants?

  • Dr. Avis is a graduate and a faculty member of the world-renowned Brener Implant Institute.
  • Every staff member at Akoya Dental Boutique understands the stress and anxiety a dental implant surgery can cause. From the moment you contact us we put you at ease by putting your needs first.
  • Dr. Avis only uses TGA-approved materials and techniques ensuring the safety and longevity of your dental implants.
  • If you don’t have enough bone for your dental implants, we can do a bone graft, i.e build new bone safely and efficiently to maximise your treatment’s successful outcome.
  • We employ the latest in dental technology with reliable, proven results.
  • Your dental implant will feel just like a real tooth; you won’t be able to tell the difference!
  • Akoya also offers numerous payment options to pay off that dental bill over time.
  • The crown for your implant will be made in Sydney by RWD Dental Image – a premium Sydney dental lab.

You have nothing to lose (except maybe a gap between your teeth). Your initial exam is free of any obligation.

Dental Implants Prices

We charge $5,450 all inclusive (surgical fee + crown) for a single uncomplicated implant.

Payment Plans and Financing

  • Specifically designed for clients having Medical and Cosmetic treatments.
  • Payment plans up to $70,000
  • No stress – the whole process is managed privately by our Consultants
  • Up to 7 year terms
  • Flexible options – any additional repayments or rebates from Medicare/Private Health can be added back on to the payment plan at no extra charge
  • Fast efficient approvals, simply apply online
To find out more about our dental implant payment plans, please book a consultation at our Bondi Junction Dental Clinic or submit an online application

Dental Implants Myths

Myth #1 – Having dental implants is painful

Believe it or not Implant placement is associated with very little if any discomfort. My patients normally opt to not even take pain relief medications after the procedure! During the procedure patients are very comfortable and feel nothing of course. However if you are anxious various forms of sedation can be offered. There may be minimal swelling and/or bruising but most patients will go back to their everyday normal activities the very next day.

Myth #2 – All dental implant systems being offered in Australia are much the same so its a matter of searching for a good deal.

Most brands available in Australia are high quality European brands. In most cases it is a matter of personal preference of your dentist. However there is a couple of issues to be aware of:

  1. Some new implant systems coming on the market do not yet have a five year treatment record to back them up. Personally I would stay away from those as often with new systems teething problems may become evident early in their record. You don’t want them to occur in your mouth. New does not equate with good in the implant world.
  2. When advertised dental implants deal sounds too good to be true – it probably is …one must be realistic…. surgery is an inherently expensive business (recognised surgical training of the operator, properly trained staff, good solid well maintained equipment, excellent reliable brands, sterile surgery set up etc. do not allow for cutting corners and therefore costs).

Myth #3 – Mini implants are the same as conventional dental implants only are thinner and therefore require less bone and are cheaper.

Mini implants are designed for denture support and stabilisation only and they are NOT accepted by the profession as appropriate treatment for replacement of missing teeth.

Myth #4 – There are now new implants that require minimal bone for placement.

Unfortunately not true. Science is very specific and strict on dental implant dimension requirements for long lasting and predictable result. Therefore there are always minimal bone requirements to accommodate these standards. If you don’t have enough bone for an appropriately sized implant it is not good practice to go for a smaller one. Too often it results in failure sometimes with devastating loss of more bone. A better practice is to have a bone graft. Yes it will increase the cost and will take longer but it is a significantly more predictable way.

Myth #5 – Dental Implant failure rates are high.

The recognised failure rate today is about 2% on average its mostly associated with patient factors such as diabetes and smoking, postoperative infections, inappropriate implant choice and poor design of crowns.

Myth #6 – It is now common practice to have a tooth extracted and implant and crown placed at the same time.

Immediate placement may in rare circumstances be appropriate. Immediate crown is still considered to be high risk. The most predictable and well researched way of placing implants is after a period of bone healing post extraction.

Myth #7 – Dental implants done overseas could cost a fraction of what they cost here in Sydney.

This may well be true but, please read a my page on cheap dental work overseas before you make travel arrangements.

Why Replace Missing Teeth

Whether you loose one tooth or a number of teeth, front tooth or back, it will have long lasting implications for your oral health as well as aesthetics.

Teeth are like a row of books on a shelf: take one out and all the others will move one way or another, destroying the alignment of teeth in the arch and occlusion with the the opposing jaw.

Why Replace Missing Teeth - Dr. Maria Avis
The bone that supports teeth needs constant stimulation to be healthy: once a tooth is gone the supporting bone will disappear too! And up to 50% of that bone loss will happen in the first 3 years after the tooth is lost… Jaw bone loss, given enough time, will detrimentally influence facial aesthetics.
what happens if the missing teeth are not replaced

Needless to say, in todays Dentistry with the most modern and advanced techniques we everything we can to retain natural teeth whenever possible. Unfortunately, some teeth will still be lost and need to be replaced.

Good news is Contemporary Dentistry allows people to replace teeth (and bone!) reliably and predictably.

We can give you your healthy smile back. Why not booking for a consultation and finding out what modern Dentistry can achieve for you?

Our prices are fair and we also offer payment plans if required.

We look forward to seeing you.
Dr. Maria Avis
Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner
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